Welcome to the website of Centre for the prevention of risky virtual communication Faculty of Education of Palacký University in Olomouc. Centre for the prevention of risky virtual communication (the Centre) focuses on prevention of hazardous behaviour associated with the use of information and communication technologies by children, especially cyber bullying, cyber grooming, cyber stalking, hoax and spam, sexting, social engineering methods, the issue of sharing of personal information through social networks and other dangerous communication techniques. It implements an educational, research, prevention and intervention activities. Our Centre also focusing on positive using of modern IT technologies by children and adults.



Cyberbullying, cyber aggression and their impact on the victim - the teacher

Our newest paper is focusing on impact of cyberthreats on the teacher. You can download it from ScienceDirect.

Cyber aggression has been experienced by every fifth teacher. The school management is mostly unaware

Olomouc (June 14, 2016) - Totally 21,73% of Czech teachers has become the victims of cyber attacks. This was confirmed by the National Cyberbullying Research of Czech teachers, where more than 5100 primary and secondary school teachers from all regions of the Czech Republic were involved. Cyber ​​attacks on teachers usually take place on social networks. Other "attacking" tools include cell phones, email, chat, and public websites. The research has been carried out by the Centre for the Prevention of Risky Virtual Communication, Pedagogical Faculty of UP in collaboration with O2 Czech Republic and Seznam.cz.

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