child university schweiner kopecky

Social networks discussed at the Children's University

Yesterday’s lecture of the Children´s University about social networks focused on very important and current topic. A team of the E-Bezpečí project informed about the positives and negatives of social networks. There were also introduced a few specific cases of criminalistic practice.

"Our aim is to help spread awareness and inform how social networks work. We try to help people in need. If for example someone steals your photos, puts it on Facebook, have fun and slanders you, please contact us, we will block it. If it is something more complex and serious for example blackmailing your parents or friends, we will pass the case to the police that will solve it" said Kamil Kopecky, the leader of the E-Bezpečí project.

Together with René Szotkowski and criminologist Peter Schweiner, they introduced children to a variety of tricks that scammers use to find their victims, such as fake profiles to use video chat or loops in the conversation via Skype. They also commented specific cases of sexual blackmail, pointed out some of the license agreement which should not be neglected when registering on Facebook, or that the photos of the apartments and statuses about going on holiday, they are guides for thieves.

At the same time they had to deal with a number of questions and comments such as "What do the Facebook staff do on the Internet?" or "I will buy a poisonous cobra, put it in the box labelled top secret, and if the thief is curious, he will have bad luck."

To use any of the social networking while at the auditorium of the Faculty admitted most of the children, then half the staff that has a profile on Facebook, even if they are not thirteen years yet. "I have a Facebook profile, I chat there with my friends that I know from school and I play games there. I do not spend much time on the Internet every day, about half an hour, but not on Tuesdays and Thursdays as I have football lessons. The lecture was definitely beneficial, I know what to be beware of," said Marek from Novy Jicin. He's nine years old.