Partner network of the Centre

The institutions that belong to the partner network are those that are involved in prevention activities associated with risky use of ICT, especially the Internet. These include various non-commercial or commercial institutions that develop similar activities. The partnership is free. The partnership coincides with the partners of the central project of Centre for the Prevention of risky virtual communication E-Bezpečí. Within the partnerships a general partnership agreement is concluded.

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A. General partner of project

O2 Czech Republic

B. Professional partners (Czech Republic)

Police, Police Presidium of the Czech Republic
Safety Line (Linka bezpečí)
Statutory City of Olomouc (Urban crime prevention program)
Statutory City of Ostrava (Urban crime prevention program)
Olomouc Region
Ministry of the Interior (Department Crime Prevention)
Ministry of Education (Department of Primary Prevention)
Net University s.r.o.
People in Need
Google Inc.
Vodafone Inc.
O2 Czech Republic

C. Professional partners (abroad)

Cyberspace Research Unit, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK
Anti-violence Second Life Campus

D. Media Partners

Český rozhlas Olomouc